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Keep your slips handy when you slip!


Driving in Canadian winters can be both beautiful and dangerous! One second you’re enjoying the peaceful snowfall from the warmth of your heated car and the next you’ve slipped into an icy snowbank!

Stay connected and be prepared this winter with the Mackay Insurance App, designed specifically with winter driving safety in mind!



Winter Driving Risks In Canada

Did you know that 30% of car accidents in Canada occur on snowy roads? No matter how much driving experience you have, there is always a risk of unexpected ice, heavy snowfall, slushy roads and slippery surfaces - not to mention the added risk of not having snow tires installed on your car!

The risk of your own safety is enough to make drivers hesitate before heading out on the roads during a wintery day, but the added risk of harming others on the road amplifies the danger as well! Within high traffic areas where proximity to other vehicles is minimal, having a collision with another vehicle is a threat that everyone is worried about!

Mackay Insurance Top Tips For Safe Winter Driving

Your Mackay Insurance brokers want to keep you, your family and your neighbors safe this winter! Check out our top tips for winter driving below!

  • Be Aware
  • Be Cautious 
  • Be Prepared

Being prepared for winter driving can mean a lot of things - including ensuring that you have winter tires installed on your car and that you have the proper equipment in your trunk (emergency blanket, booster cables, flashlight etc.). One of the ways that our team at Mackay Insurance is helping you prepare for winter driving is with our Mackay Insurance App!

The Mackay Insurance app allows you to stay connected with our Mackay Insurance brokers at the tap of button!


The Mackay Insurance App

We designed the Mackay Insurance App specifically with winter driving in mind! Your safety is our concern and we want to ensure that you have all of the information you need on hand. Why? So that you can stop worrying about insurance and start enjoying life!

Benefits Of The Mackay Insurance App For Winter Driving         

  • Access your car insurance policies right away
  • Instant access to your pink card
  • Report collision claims on the spot
  • Direct, 24/7 access to our Mackay Insurance brokers

With the Mackay Insurance App, you can take the stress out of an already stressful situation! Let us handle the insurance so that you can get back on the road safely!

Stay Connected With Your Mackay Insurance Brokers

DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE or search “mymackay” in the app store to get connected! You can also access all of the same information from your Mackay Insurance Account - Visit MyMackay Online Here!

From Your Family At Mackay Insurance - We Hope You Drive Safe and Stay Warm This Winter!