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Cyber Security Insurance.

Cyber Security Insurance: Total Protection In Today’s Digital Era

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Total home protection in today’s digital era means more than locking your front door.

While most security threats to your home used to be external, that is no longer the case.

The world has shifted into a digital era. This means threats can now enter your home internally.

Your family’s security is now vulnerable in almost every aspect of their day-to-day lives. This includes their life at work, at home and on the go.

That’s why, nowadays, your home protection plan must include cyber security insurance.

Cyber security insurance can,

a) Predict threats,

b) Prevent breaches, and

c) Insure against cyber events.


Cyberboxx: 24/7 Home Cyber Security Insurance Coverages

Cyberboxx Home Edition protects your family from digital threats within the home.

Home Cyber Attacks

Covers costs to repair, replace, or restore home devices from a cyber-attack.

Identity Theft

Covers direct financial loss caused by identity theft.

Cyber Extortion

Professional services and coverage to respond to a cyber ransom incident.

Personal Devices Hacked

Covers costs to repair, replace, or restore personal systems/data from a cyber attack.

Data Breach

Covers legal costs and services to help you respond to a data breach incident.


Covers the costs for specialist services and therapy to respond to cyberbullying.


Cyberboxx: Home Edition also includes:

Your Own Team Of Hackbusters

Your own cyber security team to help respond to cyber attacks.

Equifax Premier ID Theft Protection

One subscription to Equifax Premier. This includes Dark Web Monitoring, ID Restoration Services and Lost Wallet Assistance.

These service features reduce the risk of identity theft and help to limit the effects of a cyber attack.


Why Do You Need Home Cyber Security Insurance?

Whether you know it or not, you have digital vulnerabilities throughout your home.

After all, most family members have at least one digital device. This means cybercriminals have many access points.

Examples of Vulnerable Digital Devices:

  •   Cellphones
  •   Computers
  •   Gaming Systems
  •   Smart Home Devices

Cyber threats are looming all over the place. Whether you’re online shopping, working from home, gaming or banking - they're always there.

They’re not walking through your front door. They’re sneaking through unsecured networks, weak passwords and unprotected personal information.

Cyber security insurance helps protect your digital security.

Plus, when it comes to your home insurance, less risk will always equal more savings.


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At Mackay Insurance, our goal is to,

a) Help reduce your risk and

b) Keep you, your family and your home safe.

Do you have the digital coverage you need to secure your household from digital threats?

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