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Our Independent Insurance Brokerage Team at Mackay Insurance

Fiercely Independent Since 1977

At Mackay Insurance, we believe in giving our clients the best coverage at the best price. That’s why we remain an independently-owned insurance agency.

This independence frees us to work solely with our client's best interest in mind!


We are 100% Independently Owned!

We’ve been an independent agency since 1977 when David Mackay began his legacy.

David was passionate about offering coverage that fit unique needs and budgets.

He also knew that operating independently was the best way to do that.

This independence allowed him to offer his clients a variety of coverage options. This, in turn, resulted in more effective protection and happier clients!

Today, the Mackay Insurance team continues to fiercely uphold this mission.

We know that insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we work with 19 trusted providers - to offer you affordable options for your unique situation.


What Does This Mean For You?

The opposite of an independent agency is a captive agency. These companies work only with one specific insurance provider.

Independent agencies represent multiple insurance providers. They are not confined to the plans of one insurance company - financial or otherwise.

At Mackay, this independence frees us to provide the policy that best meets the needs of our clients.

Here’s what that means for you:

We Focus On The Best Interest of Our Clients.

As an independent agency, we are not affiliated with a captive insurance company. This freedom allows us to work solely for our client's best interest!

Many of our local competitors are under ownership by larger insurance companies.

This ownership limits their ability to,

  1. Create trusting relationships with their clients,
  2. Offer honest expertise and advice, and
  3. Provide affordable coverage options.

However, we have all these freedoms and more as an independent agency!

We Offer More Coverage Options

At Mackay Insurance, we strive to help our local community get the best value for their dollar. 

Thankfully, as an independent agency, we can do just that!

At Mackay Insurance, we represent a variety of insurance providers - 19 in total.

Each was specifically chosen to best support the needs of our clients - whatever those needs may be!

We work on behalf of our clients to find the right policy from the right provider. This policy meets your budget needs, current life stage and future goals!

Our independence allows us to support families throughout all stages of life.

We Provide Unbiased Advice

As mentioned before, captive insurance companies work with only one provider. This means they typically operate in the company's best interest - not the clients.

These companies influence more business, regardless if it’s the right move for the client. This is usually based on financial incentives or loans.

Independent agencies operate from a completely different business model.

We build trusting relationships with our clients - understanding their needs first.

The result?

The best policy at the best price!

Our brokers work with you too

  1. Better understand your unique needs,
  2. Provide unbiased advice based on those needs and
  3. Ensure the best coverage at the best price.

This independence is truly what sets us apart in the world of insurance.


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At Mackay Insurance, our clients are our top priority.

That’s why we operate as a 100% independently owned insurance agency!

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