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Driving with winter tires in Belleville, Ontario.

Install Winter Tires & Save!

The right tires are crucial for a safe journey.

We all know how dangerous Ontario winters can be, especially if you plan on driving in the snow! Roads can become slippery and unpredictable in a matter of seconds.

These conditions put you, your passengers and other drivers at risk.

While summers or all seasons are great for milder weather, winter demands more grip.

At Mackay Insurance, we recommend installing certified winter tires. Their unique tread ensures a secure grip - even in the iciest conditions.

Beyond increasing your safety, winter tires can also lower your auto insurance premium!


Take Control Behind The Wheel

With severe weather changes and challenging road conditions, winter driving is highly unpredictable.

Thankfully, winter tires lower your risk and give you more control behind the wheel.

While they are not mandatory, the benefit of winter tires hugely outweighs the cost.

In fact, according to TRAC’s 2021 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study, 79% of winter tire owners believe winter tires saved them from,

a) A hazardous situation,

b) Loss of control, and/or

c) A collision.

Benefits Of Installing Winter Tires:

  • Up to 30% more traction.
  • Hydroplane resistance.
  • Improved braking.
  • Collision prevention.
  • Increased control
  • Improved road safety (for you and the other drivers around you).
  • Improved driving performance.

PLUS, winter tires hold their grip in frigid temperatures! So you can take control of your vehicle, even in -30 degrees!


Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

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Installing winter tires can save Canadian drivers 1-5% on their auto insurance premiums.

Does your vehicle qualify for these auto insurance discounts? Find out below!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must install winter tires on your vehicle from November 1st to April 1st.
  • Your winter tires have certification from Transport Canada and have the Alpine symbol.
  • Your vehicle must have existing coverage.

*At any time, the insured may need to confirm the presence of their winter tires or provide supporting documentation (i.e., bill of sale).

Discover more ways to save this winter!


Contact Your Mackay Auto Insurance Brokers

At Mackay Insurance, we take road safety very seriously.

Winter driving is unpredictable. Good tire grip prepares you and your vehicle for even the worst conditions.

Contact your Mackay Insurance broker for more information!

Reach our Belleville office at 613-966-5740 or our Napanee office at 613-354-2555.