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Hole in one insurance for local golf tournament.

Hole In One Insurance Packages

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Are you prepared to pay the prize? With hole in one insurance, we can pay it for you!

As avid golfers ourselves, Mackay Insurance brokers understand the value of a good prize. After all, the bigger the prize, the more attention your golf tournament will receive.

And with more attention comes more participation.

But without a good prize, generating this kind of buzz isn't easy.

That's why we offer Hole-in-One Insurance coverage!

With Hole-in-One Insurance, you can reward a worthy prize to the best shot without paying a dime out of pocket.

Give your participants a reason to play with a prize that will knock their socks off! Whether it's a boat, a vacation or $1 million, your Hole-in-One Insurance has the winnings covered.


What is Hole in One Insurance?

Scoring a hole-in-one is a rare and deserving accomplishment. After all, according to the PGA, only 1-2% of golfers successfully swing a hole-in-one in a year. No wonder it’s such an esteemed victory!

But what happens when someone actually does ace their shot during your small-town tournament?

If you promised a brand new car, you have to keep your promise. But does your budget have the funds to cover the cost of such a large prize?

What if your tournament is a fundraiser? Does this mean that ALL your earnings need to pay for this prize instead of going towards your cause?

Thankfully, no!

If you purchased Hole-in-One Insurance, all hole-in-one prize coverages are now your Insurance Company’s responsibility. And with the prize paid for, you get to sit back and enjoy your newfound publicity!


Does Your Local Golf Tournament Need Hole in One Insurance?

Hole-in-One Insurance is not required when offering a hole-in-one reward, but it is highly recommended. Especially if the prize offered is over budget (which most attention-grabbing prizes are).

A prize like that could deeply wound your wallet and even take your golf course out of business completely!

Protect yourself and your business from deep financial loss with secure Hole-in-One Insurance coverage. With this affordable plan, we can protect you from the risk of having to pay for a prize you can’t afford!


How To Get Started:

When applying for Hole-in-One Insurance, there are a few things you need to supply our Mackay Insurance brokers with:

  1. The number of participants in your event.
  2. The hole-in-one prize value.
  3. The yardage of the hole(s) in question.

That’s it! The rest is up to us.


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Trying to host a big golf tournament with a small budget? Hole-in-One Insurance is the perfect solution!

Now you can offer a grand prize, generate more excitement for your event and attract more golfers to join - without spending a fortune!

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