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High Risk Auto Insurance Driver? We can Help!

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Have you been involved in multiple accidents or received numerous traffic tickets?

If so, you might be considered a high-risk driver in Ontario! This means you need to invest in a high-risk insurance policy. 


You Could Be Considered A High-Risk Driver if:

  • You got too many tickets in too short a time period.
  • You were caught driving under the influence (DUI).
  • You have been cited as being at fault for one or more serious auto accidents.
  • You cancelled your policy multiple times.
  • You let your auto insurance policy lapse.
  • You failed to pay your policy premiums on time.
  • You were cited for careless driving or stunt driving.

If you are recognized as a high-risk driver, it can be incredibly difficult to find affordable insurance that fits your budget as well as your coverage needs.

Mackay Insurance in Belleville and Napanee can help!

Our team of qualified and experienced insurance brokers can find you the best car insurance with high-risk coverage that fits both your needs and your budget!


Tips to Find Affordable Insurance For High-Risk Drivers

  1. Bundle your auto insurance together with your other insurance policies.
  2. Pay your policy in full annually.
  3. Keep your driver record spotless.
  4. Enrol in driver training and defensive driving.
  5. Choose your vehicle with safety in mind.
  6. Ask for a higher deductible.
  7. Ask about low-mileage auto insurance.
  8. Reach out to an insurance broker for help.

For more information on how to find affordable insurance as a high-risk driver, Click Here!


How costly is High-Risk Auto Insurance in Ontario?

To estimate the cost of high-risk auto insurance, take your current (or recent) auto insurance premium payment and double, or even triple it. This is the range you will typically pay to get insurance once you have been classified as a high-risk driver.

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I've Never Been Insured, But I'm Being Told I'm High Risk! Why?

Auto insurers rely on historical data of a driver in order to calculate risk.

However, if you are a new driver without a history to backup your safety on the road, they have nothing to base their calculation on.

These are two instances where you may find yourself unexpectedly red-flagged as a high risk driver. And neither are because you are proven more likely to cause accidents or claims payouts.

Rather, it is because there is not enough data to tell how you are likely to drive and how expensive you are likely to be to insure.

Once you have built up a solid driver history (up to 36 months) your rates will typically adjust downwards - as long as you don't have any claims on your record within that time frame.


Find Affordable Insurance For High Risk Drivers With Our Mackay Insurance Brokers!

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