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Accident Benefits Resources and Videos

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1.  Medical Rehab & Attendant Care

Current limit is $65,000 for Non Cat.   We HIGHLY recommend increasing to maximum limits $1,000,000 for Non Cat, 2,000,000 for Cat.

2. Dependent Care Coverage

No Coverage Provided - We recommend increasing coverage for Dependent Care & house keeping.

3. Tort Deductible

Current Limits apply deductible of aprox $40,000.  You can lower limit by $10,000.

4. Income Replacement

Do you earn more than $30,000?  You should consider buying limits of $600, $800, or $1,000 weekly.

5.  Death and Funeral Benefit

Current policy limits will pay out $25,000 to your spouse, $10,000  to dependants and $6,000 for funeral costs.  You can increase to $50,000/$20,000 & $8,000.

6.  Indexation

Current policies don't account for benefits to be indexed. Benefits can be endorsed to include indexation.