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Father and son fishing with small boat insurance.

Large & Small Boat Insurance Packages

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At Mackay Insurance, we offer both large and small boat insurance packages! 

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Whether you enjoy canoeing, fishing for pickerel on the Bay of Quinte, living on a cruiser in Picton Harbour or the Belleville Yacht Club, skimming silently across West Lake towards the beautiful dunes of Sandbanks Park on a stand-up paddleboard, enjoying the happy screams of kids behind your boat on tubes, or jumping the waves on a personal watercraft – time spent in and on the water in this beautiful Quinte region defines summer for many Canadian families. In only one hour spent at the beach, you will probably see all of these water sports and more!

Summer in eastern Ontario is short and we know you want to enjoy every available second in the waves. In order to enjoy your summer activities it is important that you are prepared! Just like a great weekend on the water starts by preparing your boat in advance, preparing your boat insurance in advance is also vital for your summer excursions. At Mackay Insurance, many of us boat ourselves - sailing and cruising the Bay of Quinte with our friends and family! We speak your language when it comes to boating and we are here to help you enjoy your summer weekends to their full extent, with peace of mind that you have suitable boat insurance.

Boat insurance can be thought of in “coverage buckets” similar to another type of insurance we as Belleville and Napanee residents are more familiar with - car insurance! When you buy car insurance with Mackay Insurance, you often ask us the following questions:

  • “What if something happens to my car?”
  • “What if I am in an accident and someone sues me?”

When buying boat insurance, we encourage you to ask yourself these same questions. At Mackay Insurance, our team of qualified insurance brokers are here to provide you with the necessary information on what boat insurance looks like and how to obtain it. We will also go through your insurance policy with you so you understand your coverage. For a free, no-obligation boat insurance quote, click here!

Hull Insurance

So, what if something does happen to your boat?

Similar damage, losses and claims that happen to a car can happen to a boat. For example, your boat could be involved in a serious collision, stolen or vandalized. This is the part of the conversation where we talk about hull insurance, which protects your boat. If you have a kayak or a small boat, the craft itself may be insured through your home insurance policy. If you have a larger boat, either sail or power, you will need separate boat insurance through a speciality market that provides tailored marine coverage. There is an insurance solution for every boat, no matter its size. Talk to your Mackay Insurance broker in Belleville about your specific watercraft and the coverage you require. Our insurance brokers understand your desire to get out on the water and we promise to make the process of obtaining marine insurance as easy and efficient as possible.

Boating Liability Insurance

What if you are in a boating accident and someone makes a claim against you? What if they sue you? 

The liabilities associated with owning a boat are not limited to two boats on open water running into each other. Many boating accidents, especially those in smaller bodies of water such as the Bay of Quinte, occur at slow speed while docking. Water skiing accidents can result in injuries too. If a boat sinks, authorities may require that the boat be raised for environmental or other reasons. This is where liability insurance comes in. Similar to hull insurance, for a small boat you may have some liability coverage as part of your home insurance. Other boats require speciality insurance, either because of the nature of the boat or the territorial waters you boat to or in. Check with your Mackay Insurance broker about your boating insurance needs and understand your exposure and options! 

Remember, with a boat comes a trailer, life jackets, a boat lift or boathouse, a dock, and other items that also require insurance coverage. Your Mackay Insurance broker will ask the right questions and ensure that you are getting the proper coverage you need in order to enjoy a summer out on the water! Whether you’re planning on sailing in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario around Prince Edward County, our many beautiful local lakes, the Trent River Canal system or beyond to Kingston and the Thousand Islands, Mackay Insurance has your boating insurance needs covered.

When you buy any type of insurance, including boat insurance, what you’re really buying is peace of mind. Our brokers are here to help you enjoy your summer on the water, knowing that you are safely insured through our dedicated team. Contact our insurance brokers at Mackay Insurance in Belleville to ask for a boat insurance quote and we will ensure that you’re out on the water in no time. Be sure, insure with Mackay Insurance. Happy Boating!

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