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Father and son fishing with small boat insurance.

Large & Small Boat Insurance

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Ontario offers incredible boating opportunities!

Do you enjoy fishing on the Bay of Quinte? Cruising in Picton Harbour? Sailing on West Lake?

Time spent in and on the water defines summer for many Canadian families. That includes our Mackay Insurance family!

We love getting out on the water as often as possible. That passion is why we offer both large and small boat insurance!

This policy protects your boat and liability - so you can enjoy a worry-free summer on the waves.


What Does All-Risk Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance is a unique form of risk coverage - designed entirely for watercraft.

This coverage protects the physical boat and your liability in the event of an accident.

Physical Boat Coverage

What if something happens to your boat?

Boats may seem less prone to damage, but accidents are bound to happen. Out on the water, the weather is very unpredictable. Harsh wind and waves could damage your boat more than you think!

Besides weather damage, boats are also at risk of theft, vandalism and collisions.

In other words, there is always a risk when you’re out on the water.

That’s why Mackay Insurance recommends having the right coverage in place.

All-risk boat insurance protects the physical boat and attached/onboard boating equipment. This includes the hull, boat motor, sails, engine, etc.

What type of risks does boat insurance cover?

  • Weather-related perils
  • Fire
  • Loss
  • Damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

The type and amount of coverage you need rely on a variety of factors - i.e. watercraft type, size where you will store it, etc.

Not sure what coverage you need for your watercraft? There is an insurance solution for every boat, no matter its size. Talk to your Mackay Insurance broker in Belleville about your specific watercraft needs!

Accident Coverage

What happens if you have involvement in a boating accident and someone makes a claim against you?

This could be a collision between yours and someone else’s boat. But liabilities of owning a boat are not limited to two watercraft running into each other on open water.

Many boating accidents, especially those in smaller water bodies (i.e. the Bay of Quinte), occur at low speeds. In fact, one of the most common incidents occurs while boats are docking.

In any case, liability coverage financially protects you if you,

a) Cause injury or damage to another person, or

b) Cause injury or damage to another person's property.

Add-On Coverages:

Most insurance companies offer extra coverages, which become add-ons to your existing policy. We’ve listed two of these add-on coverages below:

  1. Personal Property

If you’re a boat owner, you know the territory comes with a few other pieces of equipment. This could include things like life jackets or fishing equipment.

Thankfully, Personal Property Coverage protects personal belongings aboard your watercraft.

Are you unsure what extra items your policy covers? Contact your Mackay Insurance broker!

  1. Emergency Towing & Assistance

Another add-on coverage that many boat owners opt for is Emergency Towing & Assistance.

Just as CAA insurance has your back on the road, Emergency Towing & Assistance is there for you on the water.

This coverage reimburses you for costs associated with emergency services. This could include towing, fuel delivery or even emergency repairs.

Should You Insure Your Boat Over The Winter?


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While boat insurance is not mandatory in Ontario, it is highly recommended. After all, you never know what could happen out on the water!

There are also certain cases where you must carry boat insurance - i.e. if you keep your boat at a marina or finance it.

Our brokers are here to ensure you have a peaceful, fun and safe summer on the water.

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