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Peace of mind with Cottage Insurance Ontario.

Cottage Insurance Ontario: For a Worry-Free Vacation Season!

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Looking for affordable cottage insurance in Ontario? Get a free quote with Mackay Insurance!

We offer competitive rates and exceptional service, so you can have the worry-free summer you deserve.

Get the coverage you need to prepare and protect your cottage.


Why Is Cottage Insurance Important 

Insuring your cottage is just as important as insuring your home.

Regardless of how much time you spend at your cottage, it’s an investment worth protecting!

After all, your cottage property can experience unique risks - such as damages caused by wildlife, fallen trees, rising water, etc.

When you buy a cottage policy from Mackay Insurance, you invest in financial protection, security and peace of mind.


What Is Cottage Insurance? What Does it Cover?

Cottage insurance is a unique policy designed for secondary or vacation homes.

As a homeowner, you know that your home insurance policy covers your primary residence. This ensures your property, house, and belongings have financial protection in the case of theft, vandalism, damage, etc.

Your cottage insurance, on the other hand, is typically added to your home insurance policy as a secondary/seasonal location.

What Does a Cottage Insurance Policy Cover?

  • May insure vandalism, fire and theft
  • Damage from falling objects,
  • Lightning, hail and windstorm damage.

With the right coverage, you can enjoy a worry-free cottage season!


Choosing The Right Cottage Insurance Coverage

Your cottage is your getaway. Your safe haven. Your peace and quiet.

But what happens when there’s a break-in, a fallen tree or a fire?

Without insurance, your cottage can quickly increase stress and break the bank - becoming more of a sore spot than a happy one.

Our cottage insurance experts ensure this is never the case.

First, we work with you to identify your unique cottage insurance needs.

Then, we find you the best policy at the best price!


Your Mackay Cottage Insurance Application

There is a variety of cottage insurance packages available - all catering to different needs. At Mackay, we aim to ensure you have the best package for you, your cottage and your budget!

There are four key topics that you should be aware of when considering cottage insurance in Ontario:

  1. The type of cottage you own.
  2. Your cottage lifestyle.

  3. Your specific coverage needs.

  4. Your rebuild cost.

Answering these questions will help you complete the cottage insurance application process below!

1. What type of cottage do you have?

  • Basic (seasonal, standard cottage).
  • Superior (newly built cottage or one located in protected areas).
  • Ultimate (four-season, newly built cottage that is accessible year-round)

The type of cottage you have will help narrow down the coverage needs it requires.

2. What is your cottage used for?

  • Family Use
  • Cottage Rental
  • Airbnb

Cottage owners use their cottages for a variety of recreational and business endeavours.

You must outline these varying uses to your broker so they understand how much coverage you need.

3. What should your cottage insurance cover?

  • Basic (basic fire and extended coverages)
  • All Risk (all risk coverages)
  • Vandalism (Not included in basic policies)
  • Water (overland water and sewer backup optional coverages)

Understanding the risks associated with your cottage ensures you have the right coverage.

Our Mackay brokers are well acquainted with cottage ownership and the risks involved. Trust us to walk you through the process and provide you with the coverage that fits you best!

4. What is your rebuilding cost?

How much will it cost to rebuild your cottage from the ground up?

Note: This cost might look different than the initial worth of the cottage building.

Knowing the recovery cost of your cottage is extremely important. It tells us how much financial coverage you need!

Not sure what your rebuild cost is?

Your Mackay Insurance broker can assess your situation and provide an educated quote on your cottage insurance needs!


Contact Mackay Insurance

You deserve a relaxing home away from home. Not a stressful one.

Whether you’re reassessing your existing cottage insurance or signing up for a new one, we make the process simple!

Our Mackay Insurance team has served local and rural cottages for 45 years! You can trust us to provide you with the expertise and coverage you need.

Contact our Belleville office at 613-966-5740 or our Napanee office at 613-354-2555. Or fill in the application form below to get started on a free quote!