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Tenant Insurance

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Do you plan on renting a house or apartment?

Renting has become very popular for many Canadians. It is often more affordable and financially realistic than buying a house.

Becoming a tenant means you don't have to worry about the general maintenance of your rented home. Your landlord, the homeowner, typically handles all major/minor repairs and upgrades.

But you can’t rely on your landlord for everything. 

As a tenant, your landlord may have coverage for the structure itself. But this coverage does not protect you or your belongings.

That’s where a tenant policy comes in!

Tenant insurance is another type of home insurance. It's designed to protect you and your belongings while you're renting.

This policy secures your belongings against theft, disaster or liability claims!


What Does Tenant Insurance Cover?

Your home is your safe place. And at Mackay Insurance, we promise to help protect it.

Tenant insurance is available while renting a home, condo, apartment, etc.

Tenant Insurance Coverages:

  • Personal contents (i.e. furniture, artwork, jewellery, electronics).
  • Extra living expenses should there be an insured event that causes you to move (i.e. fire).
  • Legal liability in the case of accidental injury or damage to the property.


Should You Invest in Tenant Insurance?

While tenant insurance is not mandatory in Ontario, it is always a worthy investment.

Here’s why:

1. Unexpected Events Happen

Whether that be a flood, fire, theft or accident, it’s up to you to ensure you have the coverage you need.

2. Your Landlord May Ask For It

Many landlords actually ask for tenant insurance as a non-negotiable on a lease agreement.

3. You Can Get an Early Start on Your Insurance History

Starting out with a tenant policy can help establish your insurance history. This can then lower your insurance rates when you buy your first home!

4. You Can Take Advantage of Multi-Line Discounts on Auto Insurance

With a tenant policy at Mackay, you can qualify for multi-line discounts on auto insurance!


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Are you renting to own? Living in an apartment? Renting a condo?

Mackay Insurance covers you and your investments with affordable tenant coverage.

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