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Tenant Insurance: Online Quote & Purchase

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Do you rent your home or apartment? Mackay Insurance in Belleville provides tenant insurance that can protect your investment and belongings! This type of insurance will secure your belongings against theft, disaster or liability claims. Our online form can give you an instant quote and allow you to instantly purchase your renters coverage online! 

Your home is your safe place. At Mackay Insurance, we help to protect this safe place! With tenant insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are being taken care of. 

What Is Tenant Or Renter’s Insurance?

As a renter, your landlord or owner of the building may have insurance for the structure itself, but this insurance does not cover your own personal belongings. These belongings must be covered by you with tenants/renters insurance. 

Tenant/Renter’s insurance is used to provide coverage for personal property and personal liability - keeping your belongings safe! 

What Does Tenant Insurance Cover?

  • Furniture 
  • Jewellery 
  • TV’s
  • Musical Instruments 
  • And so much more!

Is Tenant Insurance Mandatory?

 Tenant insurance is not mandatory, however it can be a very smart decision in order to protect your investments! 

Unexpected situations happen - whether that be an unexpected flood, fire or liability claim against you. Mackay Insurance is here to keep your valuables protected!

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Are you renting to own? Living in an apartment? Renting a condo? 

Mackay Insurance covers you and your investments with low cost tenant insurance that gives you that peace of mind if theft, disaster, or damages takes place at the location you are renting.

Have more questions about tenant or renter’s insurance? If you have any questions at all, please contact your Mackay Insurance brokers or Fill In The Form Below to get started!

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