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Special Event Insurance

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Whether you’re hosting a private corporate event, a wedding, festivals, a non-profit fundraiser, a sporting tournament or even a child’s birthday party - special event insurance will protect you, your venue and your guests! 

Special Event Insurance provides protection for you if you are found responsible for damages, and/or injuries. Although many venues are insured for special events independently, there are many cases where individuals plan parties that also require event insurance. 

At Mackay Insurance in Belleville, we don’t want you stressing about all the possible risks, that’s our job! With special event insurance you can just focus on party planning and enjoying the event!

What Can Special Event Insurance Cover?

  • Host Liquor Liability 
  • Tenant’s Legal Liability 
  • Medical Payments 
  • Property Damages
  • Guest/Staff/Attendee Injuries 

Possible Special Event Hazards 

Although hosting a party or corporate event might sound like a simple task, with little to no risk association, there are a number of unexpected hazards that could arise. As the host/hostess/venue of the event, you are responsible for the protection of each individual that is involved in your event. This includes the attendees, staff, party suppliers, entertainment/performers etc. 

Examples of some of these unexpected event hazards are listed below.

  1. Your guests could slip and fall, causing injury. 
  2. Guests could become intoxicated, causing a driving accident. 
  3. Property of the venue could be damaged during the party. 

How To Obtain Special Event Insurance

Obtaining Special Event Insurance involves an application process stating the scope of the event - this could include:

  • Company name
  • Description of event 
  • Number of attendees 
  • Liquor accessibility
  • Type of entertainment/venders etc. 
  • And many more other descriptive factors!

Your event insurance provider will assess this information and assess what the best type of coverage would be for your specific event. At Mackay Insurance in Quinte, we make sure that our clients are insured with the coverage that fits them and their situation best. 

Not sure how to get started with special event insurance? Contact our Mackay Insurance brokers at 613-966-5740 or Fill In The Form Below for applicant information!