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Reliable travel trailer insurance is there to protect you, your trailer and your belongings while you’re on the road.

Planning a Stress Free Road Trip This Summer? You Need Reliable Trailer Insurance!

If you’re like most Canadians, you’re ready to kick winter to the curb. Even though most of us are still shovelling snow off our driveways, our minds are elsewhere.

We’re travelling the province of Ontario, exploring new campgrounds and spending time in the great outdoors with our families!

In other words, our minds are already in vacation mode. And thankfully, that’s a good thing!

Why? Because the only way you’ll be able to spontaneously plan your next stress-free road trip is if you have the proper insurance coverage in place!

Reliable travel trailer insurance is there to protect you, your trailer and your belongings while you’re on the road.

That’s why our team at Mackay Insurance works with Echelon Insurance! To provide you and your family with the coverage you need to enjoy your next adventure.


Echelon Travel Trailer Insurance - So You Can Pick Up And Go Anywhere!

Echelon has been in business since 1998 with a goal to protect Canadian families - at home and abroad! With reliable coverage and support, Echelon has now been safeguarding families for over 20 years - travelling with them across Canadian provinces, exploring new campgrounds and making new friends!

Adventuring in the outdoors with your family and making memories that they’ll hold on to forever is the reason Echelon stands behind its policies. And it’s why we stand with the team at Echelon too!


This Summer, Home Is Where You Park It!

Are you planning a weekend getaway to Algonquin Park? A cross-country trek to British Columbia? Whether you're planning to be on the road or not, your Echelon trailer insurance policy has the coverage you need. Your mobile home will be protected while it’s on the road and while it’s in storage between trips!


What Does Echelon’s Trailer Insurance Cover?

  1. Auto Liability
  2. Personal Contents
  3. Loss of Use


Auto Liability Coverage

Auto liability coverage includes the insured risk protection of your recreational trailer against:

  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Collision etc.

Echelon’s Motorhome and trailer policy will cover $2,000,000 in auto liability coverages.

Although your auto insurance plan will cover some of your mobile home coverages, it will not cover all of them. That’s why having the added security of trailer insurance is so important!


Personal Contents Coverage

Personal contents coverage includes the insured damages and/or loss of personal property that is either,

a) Inside your travel trailer, or
b) Inside detached private structures.

Echelon’s Motorhome and trailer policy will cover up to $7,500 for the damaged and/or missing contents of your motorhome.


Loss of Use Coverage

Loss of use coverages includes financial protection in the case of your travel trailer being unusable.

For example, if your trailer was damaged or ruined, your loss of use coverage would provide you with either,

a) A replacement vehicle, or
b) Transportation funds.

Echelon’s Motorhome and trailer policy will cover up to $2,500 for the loss of use of your motorhome.


Conquer Your Next Adventure With The Right Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage

Your next adventure awaits! Hit the road with confidence, knowing your team at Mackay Insurance has you covered.


5 Types of Travel Trailers We Insure:

  • Pod Trailers
  • Hard Top Trailers
  • Tent trailers
  • Fifth Wheel Trailers
  • Stationary Trailers


Ask your Mackay Insurance broker about your mobile home insurance coverage opportunities today!

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