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Do you run a  business out of your own home? Mackay Insurance works with multiple insurance vendors to ensure that you get the most insurance possible for your home based business. We have the best business insurance options at the best prices for you! 

What Does Home-Based Business Insurance Cover?

Home-based business insurance covers risks associated with running your business from your own property. These risks could be small, such as temporary business closures for repairs. However, they could also be more extensive, such as a customer slipping and falling on your property. 

Below is a list of Home-Based Business Insurances Policies:

  • Business equipment is damaged or stolen 
  • Business inventory is damaged or stolen 
  • Customer causing property damages 
  • Customer lawsuits 
  • Liability for product(s) and/or operations 
  • And more!

Home-based business insurance allows you to run your business from the comfort of home with peace of mind, knowing that your business is secure and protected. 

Types Of Home-Based Businesses Mackay Insures

At Mackay Insurance in Belleville, we ensure a variety of home-based businesses. With over 165 years of brokerage experience, we have the knowledge, expertise and connections that will keep your business safeguarded properly. Some of the different home-based businesses that we insure include:

  • Home Daycare Businesses 
  • Music School
  • House Cleaning 
  • Christmas Tree Farm 
  • Flower Shop 
  • Catering Services 
  • Hairdresser 
  • And so many more!

How Is Home-Based Business Insurance Different From Home Insurance?

It is important for home-based business owners to understand that their home-based business insurance is actually an extension of their home insurance, not an automatically included coverage. When deciding whether or not a home-based insurance plan is right for you and your business, you should be considering the following: 

  1. Do you have many customers coming to your home?
  2. Are the products you make/sell from home dangerous to those within your home?
  3. Do you have high-value equipment? 

If you don’t have to worry about any added risks with running a business from your home, then you may not need to worry about adding business coverage to your home insurance policy. 

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