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If you own a business in Ontario, you need business insurance! Why? To protect you, your business, and everything your business is supporting. This could be your family, your home, your car and a series of other important assets. 

When your livelihood depends on your business not only staying afloat, but maintaining stability and security, commercial insurance is the necessary next step! 

Like most insurance coverages, it is important to ensure that your commercial insurance plan fits you and your business well. This means ensuring that the level of your coverage is realistic to your needs. 

Examples Of Business Insurance Coverages In Ontario:

  1. Commercial Property Insurance 
  2. Liability Insurance 
  3. Commercial Auto Insurance
  4. And More!

Within these specific areas of commercial coverage, there are many different options available. You can protect your business’s stocks, buildings, equipment, business interruption, commercial auto, garage policies and more! 

Since every business is different, so should your commercial coverages be! Not sure if your business needs commercial insurance coverages? Our team at Mackay Insurance in Belleville can help!

We provide the following business industries with the best commercial coverages for their needs: 

  • Real Estate Insurance Coverage
  • Retail Insurance Coverage 
  • Wholesale Insurance Coverage 
  • Construction Insurance Coverage 
  • Mechanics Insurance Coverage
  • Manufacturing Insurance Coverage 

At Mackay Insurance in Quinte, Ontario, we have worked with local businesses, both large and small, providing them with the protection and security they need to protect their dreams. 

We can help you with all of your commercial insurance needs. Give us a call at 613-966-5740 or fill in the form below to get started today.

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