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Mechanics Tool Insurance Coverage

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As a mechanic, your toolbox is your livelihood - which is why it should be secured with the same protection as any other business equipment.

At Mackay Insurance in Quinte, contractors, home-based businesses, tradesmen and mechanics shops are an industry we’ve had ample experience in for over 165 years. We understand the hard work, long days, gritty hands and passionate souls behind these types of jobs and strive to provide the right equipment insurance for their needs. 

What Is Mechanics Tool Insurance?

Mechanics Tool Insurance is the security and peace of mind that your trades business relies on in order to keep your professional tools protected and your business running smoothly. This equipment coverage includes commercial vehicle insurance, financial compensation, installation costs and rental reimbursement. If your mechanical equipment is damaged, stolen or destroyed, insurance can provide you the necessary reimbursement and compensation to keep your business afloat!

At Mackay Insurance in Quinte, mechanics tool insurance means more than just protecting your toolset, it means protecting your business, your livelihood, your family and your passion. 

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What Can Mechanics Tool Insurance Cover? 

Rental Expenses 

  • Rental expenses cover the funds needed to provide you with rental equipment while the tools are being replaced. 

Replacement Cost 

  • Replacement costs cover the funds needed to replace the total or market value of the tools that were destroyed, stolen or damaged. 

Installation Floater 

  • An installation floater covers any damaged equipment that was left at a job site. This type of compensation is meant for the necessary equipment that is needed in order to move forward on the project at hand. 

How To Obtain Mechanics Tool Insurance

Although mechanics insurance is not an extremely popular type of business related insurance, it can be crucial to your business success - especially if you have expensive mechanical equipment that needs protection. 

If you’ve decided to consider mechanics tool insurance for your business, Mackay Insurance in Belleville can help you get started right away! 

Whether you are an independent mechanic or employee at a mechanics shop, the first step to obtain equipment insurance is to estimate the total value of your tools and equipment. Not sure how to estimate the cost? Our Mackay Insurance brokers in Belleville can help you estimate the full or market replacement value of your tools and/or equipment! 

Include The following in your equipment value estimation!

  • Carrying Cases/Tool Boxes 
  • Safety Gear
  • Supportive Gear 
  • Cleaning Supplies 
  • Replacement parts 
  • Any other items that you use to maintain your tools!

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You take pride in what you do, as you should! You are a key factor in keeping the world working properly. Now, let’s work on protecting your equipment so that you can keep doing what you do confidently!

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